Your Surroundings Hold Secrets – Week 9

You’ve made it to the very last exercise. Congratulations for sticking with me. I hope you have enjoyed these nine lessons as much as I have shared them with you. You’ve answered questions, told stories, and gone deep into important life-changing moments.

This week we are going to have some fun.

You are going to describe your surroundings.

All you have to do is write a paragraph or two about what is around you. You can choose to write this in the first person (I am sitting at the kitchen table…) Or you can write in the third person (The room is bright with the sunlight blinding through the window.)

Make this challenging by using descriptive language to really set your scene. Don’t just say something as simple as, “The room was dark.” Try to make it more interesting, “The sun barely cracked through the closed shades giving the darkened room an ominous glow.”

No matter if you enjoy writing fiction or non-fiction, you want to make sure that you can write in an intriguing way that will invite the reader into your scene so that they can see what is going on.

That is it for your last lesson. You have made it through all of the lessons, and I hope you have learned a lot from them.

If you would share your favorite lesson in the comment section, I would greatly appreciate it.


Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. – E.L. Doctorow



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