About Me

100_1879.JPGFelicia is a writer, with experience in fiction, as well as non-fiction writing. Her experience in non-fiction comes from her years of ghostwriting. Her passion is in fiction, especially fantasy. She is currently working towards becoming a professional writer, where her writing pays her bills and gives her an escape from the mundane. Her journey is just starting, but she is looking forward to seeing where it leads her.

She studied theatre arts at Mars Hill University, and while she has always enjoyed writing, her playwriting course was what made her choose writing as a career. She still enjoys theatre and acting, but her main focus is her writing.

Felicia is currently looking for a literary agent. She is also working as a freelance writer. If you are interested in hiring her as a ghostwriter, you can use the contact me page on her website, or use the email address below. She can be contacted at mylidlradio92@gmail.com