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  • Haunted Fort Delaware – Delaware

    Haunted Fort Delaware – Delaware

    This week we are traveling to the North into Delaware, one of the first states to be settled. We’ve talked about strange monsters that lurk in the woods, creepy hotels, and haunted prisons, but today, we travel to a military base. Fort Delaware has been inactive for a while now, but that only means it […]

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  • The Winstead Wildman – Connecticut

    The Winstead Wildman – Connecticut

    For this week’s haunted story, we are going to venture up to Connecticut. This isn’t a haunted place or ghost sighting. Instead, we’re going to learn about the Bigfoot of Connecticut. Connecticut has its very own Bigfoot known as the Winstead Wildman who has terrorized the citizens are two different occasions, which took place 80 […]

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  • Let’s Get Honest – Writing Your Truth

    Let’s Get Honest – Writing Your Truth

    Welcome back, it’s been a while since I have written about writing your truth. Today, instead of giving you tips on writing your truth or how to be vulnerable, I’m going to share something from my life. My life inspires my writing, and I think it’s safe to say that’s true for most writers. I […]

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  • The Stanley Hotel – Colorado

    The Stanley Hotel – Colorado

    In true Friday the 13th fashion, we have a haunted hotel story. This hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel The Shining, and you can still stay there today. The Stanley Hotel has a long history. It saw the likes of Harry Houdini and many other greats of the time. Freelan Oscar Stanley has the […]

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  • Marked – My Thoughts

    Marked – My Thoughts

    I haven’t done a “book review” in a while. I put that in quotes because I don’t consider it a review. I don’t really go through the good and the bad of books that much. I simply share some thoughts about books. I don’t consider myself a book reviewer, but if you are an author […]

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