Become a Creative Writer with a Letter – Week 2

Welcome to the second lesson in my creative writing exercise series. If you’ve done the first lesson, then you have answered three questions. You may have even fleshed those out into a complete story.

Today’s lesson will have you writing a letter to your younger self.

It is literally as easy as it sounds. This younger self could be from just a few years ago, or it could be you as a child. In your letter, you can offer yourself some advice, explanations, praise, forgiveness, or compassion. Or you could even tell your younger self a story of what has turned you into the adult you are now.

When you are writing, try your best to view this younger self as a completely different person. This exercise will help you to see your reader as a real person with feelings and emotions. You can move or inspire a person with your writing.

Again, do your best not to overthink this. Take a couple of minutes to figure out what your core message is going to be, and then start writing.

There you have it. Day two, done. Come back again to get day three.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sid down at a typewriter and bleed. – Ernest Hemingway


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