Changing Tides

It’s official, I have finished writing the second novel in the Wolfsbane Chronicles, Changing Tides. It took me way longer than I had anticipated; things always do for me, it seems. I am currently in the midst of editing the book. I do not have a date yet for when it will be published, but I am thinking about Valentine’s Day next year. That may seem cliche, but once you read the book, you will understand its importance.

It’s funny; what drove me to finish Changing Tides was the ideas I was dreaming up for the next book in the series. I don’t know why my brain decided to work that way, but it did. I guess, while I’m here, I’ll share with you what the title of the next book will be. It’s Dead Man’s Army. I’m also working on a novella called Estaban to provide a bigger backstory for him. I can’t decide if that one would be best to come out before Dead Man’s Army or after. I don’t think it will make that big of a difference. I am excited about both of these books, and whether or not a lot of people read them, I love creating this world, and I love writing about Ashley and her family.

Here’s a synopsis of Changing Tides:

Lizbeth and Joe’s wedding was going to be perfect. Ashley would finally have some alone time after six months of non-stop chaos helping plan the wedding. Well… that was until Charlotte came into their lives. Charlotte Raines: one of the most notorious supernatural killers in all of Ireland. After two decades in prison, she managed to escape, and on Liz’s wedding day of all days. What was Ashley to do? The only thing she could do. Through her team into the mix of Irish Supernatural Agents and find Charlotte and thrown back in jail, but at what cost? Charlotte had abilities they had never seen, and she wanted to stay free at all costs. Would Ashley be able to save Lizbeth’s wedding? Could they undo the damage Charlotte has done to them? Or would Ashley lose herself in the hunt? Find out in Changing Tides.


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