I’m Getting Published!!!!!

I recently submitted my short story Awaiting Fate to a new independent publishing company called Millhaven Press. It was accepted and now I am just waiting for the first issue to come out.

When I say that they are new, I mean NEW. This is literally their first issue. They are a quarterly publication and each issue had a different theme. The first theme is fantasy and science fiction, so if you are into those types of stories you should definitely get a copy.

They also have some other books that you can buy on their website as well. I am extremely excited about this, and I hope that the publication does well. That is why I am doing my best to help them out by sharing the issue on all of my social media outlets, and writing this post.

Right now, the first issue is available for pre-order. It is only $9. Once April 1st rolls around, you will get your copy. They also have some bundle packs that you can get as well. Check out their website with the link above, and make sure you pre-order your copy here.


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