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  • Writing Tool – Meditation

    Writing Tool – Meditation

    This week I am bringing you another writing tool. This isn’t something you have to buy, and it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. In fact, it requires no thinking. The less thinking the better! Our writing tool this week is meditation. By now you should have heard about how amazing meditation is for your […]

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  • Tarot Game for Writers

    Tarot Game for Writers

    Welcome back. This week I have another tarot spread that you can use to help you create your stories. This tarot spread works like a game. First, we will go over the steps you take for the came and then what each card represents. Come up with a question. This isn’t to figure out the […]

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  • Short Story Tarot Spread

    Short Story Tarot Spread

    Welcome back! It has been a bit since I wrote a blog about using tarot for writing. We’ve done a few easy spreads to help create a quite plot outline and to discover traits about our characters. Today we will do a tarot spread to help you write a short story. If you haven’t yet, […]

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  • Creative Way to Create a Story – Tarot

    Creative Way to Create a Story – Tarot

    This may seem like it is coming out of left-field. What does tarot have to do with writing? You may even be a little hesitant because you think tarot has to do with fortune telling. I’m here to tell you, tarot can help you write, and you don’t even have to believe in tarot as […]

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