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  • I Just Keep Disappearing

    I know I don’t post on here regularly, like, at all. I’ve not posted in over a year. I started a podcast last years, and I have kept up a website for it. Granted I just put in what I say in the podcast. However, the podcast, not even a year old, was put on […]

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  • Important Books by Black Authors

    Today I want to take the opportunity to use my platform to showcase some amazing authors of color. I may not have a large following, yet, but I want to help any way I can. All of the books have links, so if any of them sound interesting, please check them out. Friday Black – […]

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  • The Fox Theater – Arizona

    The Fox Theater – Arizona

    This week we are going to take a trip down to Tucson, Arizona to the Fox Theater. This Theater has a very haunted past. Tucson, Arizona has quite a few ghost stories, but the Fox Theater is the one that people talk about the most. The Fox Theater opened in the 1930s as a Vaudeville […]

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  • A Question For My Readers

    A Question For My Readers

    Today’s post isn’t going to be about writing. In fact, I have a question for my readers. Would you like to see blog posts about ghost stories? I’ve always been a big fan of ghost stories. I’m talking real ghost stories, not just horror books. I’m talking about stories like The Portrait of Theodosia Burr, […]

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  • Being True to You

    Being True to You

    I’ve got another post for you about writing your truth. I told you I had a lot to say about this. In past posts, I have talked about how to write your truth. Today’s post isn’t going to be much of a how-to. I have something on my chest that I want to share. It […]

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