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Wolfsbane Chronicles

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  • Important Books by Black Authors

    Today I want to take the opportunity to use my platform to showcase some amazing authors of color. I may not have a large following, yet, but I want to help any way I can. All of the books have links, so if any of them sound interesting, please check them out. Friday Black – […]

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  • Where Has She Been?

    You may be wondering, where did she go? And for good reason. I haven’t written a blog post since last November, but I have been busy working on a new project. I have been working on the second book in the Wolfsbane Chronicles, but I have something new that I am working on. I’m working […]

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  • Haunted Fort Delaware – Delaware

    Haunted Fort Delaware – Delaware

    This week we are traveling to the North into Delaware, one of the first states to be settled. We’ve talked about strange monsters that lurk in the woods, creepy hotels, and haunted prisons, but today, we travel to a military base. Fort Delaware has been inactive for a while now, but that only means it […]

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From Me to you

Through my posts and my books, I share a little of me with a lot of you. I hope that everybody can find something they love and relate to.

Thomas Mann

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”